[RU] Development of a card game using augmented reality

[RU] Development of a card game using augmented reality

Graduation project on the topic “Development of a card game using augmented reality”

The aim of this bachelor’s thesis is to develop a card game using augmented reality technology. This combination is relevant because it combines both gaming and technology, which are currently in demand due to their popularity and novelty, as explained earlier and will be further substantiated.

In order to achieve this goal, the following tasks were performed:

  • Study of the subject area;
  • Analysis of existing application analogs;
  • Selection of necessary technologies;
  • Development of a mobile AR game.

The implementation of this goal required substantial and methodical solutions to the following tasks:

  • The first chapter is devoted to studying the subject area. This section provides a detailed description of the history and development of collectible card games and augmented reality. The idea of the implemented project is described with references and comparisons to existing analogs. The necessary technologies and software were selected for comfortable project development.
  • The second chapter describes all the stages of application development, starting from the installation of selected software (Unity, ARFoundation, PlayFab, Photon, etc.) and ending with testing and publishing the final product.

The description of the process includes screenshots, flowcharts, and listings of what was described in the text…

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