Find Pi

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Find Pi

"Find Pi" is a mathematical game that involves quickly and accurately finding the value of Pi based on the location of a point on a unit circle.

Explanation of Pi

The number π (pi) is a mathematical constant that represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It is denoted by the Greek letter π.

The value of π is an infinite decimal that starts with 3.1415926 and continues indefinitely.

The value of π in degrees on a unit circle is 180°. This follows from the fact that a complete revolution around the circle is 360°, and the circumference of a unit circle is 2π.


You are given a unit circle with a point that represents an angle that is a multiple of 30° or 45°. The task is to quickly determine the value of the angle in radians, convert it to radians, and select the correct answer. To convert an angle from degrees to radians, you need to multiply the angle value by π/180°. For example, an angle of 60° is equal to (π/180°) * 60° = π/3 radians.

Each correct answer increases your score. In the case of an incorrect answer, the progress is reset and you need to start over. The goal is to climb as high as possible in the leaderboard while improving your quick calculation skills.

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The main features of the application that will attract you

The only app of its kind at the time of publication
Over 300,000 combinations of questions and answers
Free math help (trigonometry and quick calculation)
Competitive quiz game with a timer for answering
Status: Paused

Update History

The project is in a frozen state with the latest update on Jan 19, 2021.
No updates are planned in the near future, but stay tuned.

2021 Refactoring #2 The second large-scale reworking of the application
2020 Refactoring #1 The first large-scale reworking of the application
2019 Release Publishing the mobile version of the game on Google Play
2017 Prototype Participation in the school olympiad
Meet our Team


Egor Tomashin
Egor Tomashin
Unity Developer

Full project development

Varvara Rakova
Varvara Rakova
UI Designer

Creating interfaces

Anastasia Anfilatova
Anastasia Anfilatova
UI Designer

Creating icons and banners