Future professions: Virtual and Augmented Reality Specialist

Future professions: Virtual and Augmented Reality Specialist

Do you want to be in a world similar to the Avatar movie or inside your favorite computer game? And if I ask you this: do you want to learn how to create such worlds?

In this episode of the “Guests from the Future” podcast, we explore the profession of a virtual and augmented reality specialist. The guests of the host, Natalia Makarova, talk about the specifics of the profession, their best projects, and possible financial rewards.

The podcast speakers are:

  • Marianna Alpatova, a lecturer at the Department of Informatics and Information Technologies, head of educational programs “Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies” and “Mixed Reality Technologies” at Moscow Polytechnic University;
  • Egor Tomashin, a graduate of Moscow Polytechnic University in 2022 with a degree in “Information Systems and Technologies”, specializing in “Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies”;
  • Harry Muradyan, an HR expert and head of the Career Development School.
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